Tooth brushing chart & Brushing favorites (free printable)

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I have a confession. I'm terrible at remembering to brush Phee's teeth. We try, and we're pretty good, but not as good as we should be.

She's definitely old enough to be brushing on her own and remembering on her own, too. So, to help us both out, I made a handy little chart.

free toothbrushing chart- printable

I printed this out and taped it up on the bathroom wall. We keep a pen in my makeup drawer and Phee can cross off the sun and moon for each day. If she fills up the week, she gets a sticker at the end of the week. I think we're going to have a little prize at the end of a full chart, too.

We used a chart for bedtime and it was a lifesaver and so far this one has turned out to be a great help. She sees the chart every time she's in the bathroom so she's talking about it more and she's remembering more on her own already. I don't think we'll have to use more than a couple charts to make this routine for both of us. She'll be brushing on her own, and I won't feel so darn guilty for forgetting (again!) to have her brush her teeth.

I wanted to share, too, some of our favorite things when it comes to brushing. Books are big in our house, and we often turn to them when we're learning about something new, or trying to find a way to help explain something to Phee. Books worked for potty training and they're helping now, too. We have some favorite toothpastes and we've gone through lots of different toothbrushes. The spinbrushes, of any kind, have been the best!

Did your kids need help remembering to brush? What brushes and toothpastes worked for them?

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