I Spy Bottle

I love repurposing and reusing things around the house to make fun toys and games and craft projects for Phee. I've seen this I Spy bottle project many places, but was first introduced to it and its simplicity on Money Saving Mom

Make an I Spy bottle game for kids
{completed I spy bottle}
I've been saving up little odds and ends for a while to make one of these bottles. I should have finished it ages ago, but it sat and sat in my terribly unorganized crafty corner until I started cleaning out this week.

Make an I Spy bottle game for kids
{tiny items I've collected for the last year or so}
You can make these bottles themed. Or completely random. The only stipulation, really, is that the items have to fit into the bottle opening. And you can use any kind of bottle! Small empty water bottles, skinny regular water bottles, teeny little baby food jars... endless possibilities. I picked this funky little water bottle because I liked the shape and the fact that it has a nice, wide base. Not as big of a deal now, but back when I first saved the bottle for this project, that was a draw because Ophelia was still working on her motor skills. Maybe I should stop procrastinating.

Make an I Spy bottle game for kids

So, gather your tiny items and pick a filler. I like rice or small pasta. I've seen people use plastic craft pellets and sand. I've also seen bottles with dyed mini pastas or rice and that adds a whole other neat dimension to the bottles. Grab some super glue, too.

Put the tiny items into the bottle. Fill the bottle 3/4 full with filler. Super glue the lid onto the bottle to avoid any unfortunate spills later.

Have fun "I spying" all afternoon!

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