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Life in Random Bits ~ The lifespan of a blog

Hello, friends. As you've no doubt noticed, I haven't posted much since before Christmas. It was a fun, busy, wonderful holiday and we enjoyed it very much.

Since then, though, I haven't been very inspired to blog. I don't have a bunch of projects lined up, I don't have a lot of ideas. Phee has been coming up with a lot of our crafts and other activities lately. I love her creativity and enthusiasm!

I've given it a lot of thought and have decided to be done with Life in Random Bits. That's not to say that it won't come back some time down the road, but right now, I think I'm finished with this chapter.

I have big plans for myself this year and, when I have any news to share, I'll be sure to update you so that you can follow along if you like.

Have a fantastic 2015 and thanks so much for all your comments, sharing, and support! I've loved every minute of this blog and it's always been so much fun to share it with you.


Happy Organized New Year!

Start the new year right with these cleaning and organization printables ~ Life in Random Bits #cleaning #organization #printable

It's that crazy time of year again- the urge to clean, organize, and purge is upon us. We start out every January, especially since Phee was born, vowing to clean out, declutter, and really choose what is useful to keep and what is just hanging around the house because it might be useful one day, eventually, if I get around to this or that project.

from Home Storage Solutions

A few weeks ago I found this awesome printable list of week-by-week cleaning and organizing. It covers the whole house and it sounded like a pretty thorough and useful list. We're still in the process of tackling the first week's goal: kitchen counters and sink. I did get some things cleaned up, moved around, and set aside for Goodwill earlier this week. We just have a few more random things to return to their homes and then we're ready for next week's task. And we have a little more counter space!

I'm also buckling down on the meal planning again, too. We plan every week, but December was so crazy that the menu often got tossed for convenience or for last minute plans. All fun, yes, but it's time to get back on track! I love using this sheet to plan out whole days instead of just dinners.

from Better Homes and Gardens
A friend of mine shared this great week at a peek printable a few months ago. I absolutely love it. We have our regular full calendar in the kitchen. This sheet, while a little redundant, hangs on the fridge with Phee's weekly lunch menu. It's at eye level, too, so I see it all the time and can reference just the week at hand quickly, instead of the entire calendar. Dinners are listed right there on the fridge. And, there's space for things that need to be done during the week which is quite useful for Doug and I to keep up with.

If you're itching to get yourself and your house cleaned up after the holiday and decluttered for the coming year, check these out!

What's your favorite way to tackle the big cleaning and organizing projects after the holidays?


Winter Note Cards (free printable)

I love to write notes to people. It was a goal of mine last year to spend a little more time writing instead of emailing or just talking on FB. I enjoy the act of writing, using my pretty stationery and fancy pens. Taking that time to just say hello to someone is special for me, whether there is ever any return or not. The return isn't the point. Letting someone know that I'm thinking of them and hope they are well is important to me.

Winter themed notecard (free printable) ~ Life in Random Bits #printable

Phee writes and colors her own thank you notes when appropriate. Sometimes, I feel the need to include a little note with those cards, especially if it's for someone we don't see very often. I like to include little notes with Christmas gifts sometimes, too, especially if it's for a teacher or someone at work. To that end, I created these simple quarter page note cards that easily tuck into a little bag or box.

Simply print out this PDF on 8.5 x 11 card stock and cut the page into quarters. Grab a nice pen and you're ready to brighten someone's day!

If you'd like to see other note cards, I made Spring and Summer versions, too!


Phee & Santa

So glad that Phee's school has Santa pictures one day in November. No fighting the crowds for us. At least until next year when she's in Kindergarten.


Stocking stuffers for readers & writers

This post contains Amazon Associate links. It doesn't cost you anything to click on or shop through the links, but it does give me a small amount toward running the blog.

Last year, Doug got me some funny little stocking stuffers that I just loved. See those tattoos and bandaids below? They're awesome. I mean, who wouldn't love a little Edgar Allan Poe on their arm? He'd found some funny stocking stuffers for everyone since the family was all together, but these were, in my completely biased opinion, the best ones.

And so, I thought I should really share them so you can make the readers and writers in your life laugh when they open their stockings this year. There are so many fun little things you could get for that particular group, from paper and pens to page markers, sweet treats for an afternoon of reading and, especially, coffee.

So, here's a fun, and fairly funny, list of stocking stuffers you still have time to get for the writers and readers in your life. Enjoy!

Stocking stuffers for writers and readers ~ Life in Random Bits #gifts #christmas #presents

Personalized notepads from Tulaloo
You can never have too many notepads around when inspiration strikes, when you need to make note of some books, or you want to save a quote.

Edgar Allan Poe bandaids
Adults should get fun character bandaids, too!

Handmade ballpoint pen from Wortheffort
These gorgeous pens are great for jotting down a quick note, making notations in a favorite book, or sending off a quick note to a friend.

Jane Austen tattoos
Temporary tattoos are just fun. And these are particularly cute!

Waterproof notepad
You never know when inspiration will strike! I know I do a lot of good thinking in the shower. And then promptly forget it all once I'm dried off.

Hemingway quote keychain from Fragile Elite Design
I love the little ballpoint nib charm on this key chain. And the writers in your life will appreciate the quote!

Funny page flags
Leave notes for yourself with style. Or at least humor!

And, of course, there's always tea or coffee. You need a warm drink to curl up with that book in winter!

What great things have you found for the readers and writers in your life this year?

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