Stocking stuffers for readers & writers

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Last year, Doug got me some funny little stocking stuffers that I just loved. See those tattoos and bandaids below? They're awesome. I mean, who wouldn't love a little Edgar Allan Poe on their arm? He'd found some funny stocking stuffers for everyone since the family was all together, but these were, in my completely biased opinion, the best ones.

And so, I thought I should really share them so you can make the readers and writers in your life laugh when they open their stockings this year. There are so many fun little things you could get for that particular group, from paper and pens to page markers, sweet treats for an afternoon of reading and, especially, coffee.

So, here's a fun, and fairly funny, list of stocking stuffers you still have time to get for the writers and readers in your life. Enjoy!

Stocking stuffers for writers and readers ~ Life in Random Bits #gifts #christmas #presents

Personalized notepads from Tulaloo
You can never have too many notepads around when inspiration strikes, when you need to make note of some books, or you want to save a quote.

Edgar Allan Poe bandaids
Adults should get fun character bandaids, too!

Handmade ballpoint pen from Wortheffort
These gorgeous pens are great for jotting down a quick note, making notations in a favorite book, or sending off a quick note to a friend.

Jane Austen tattoos
Temporary tattoos are just fun. And these are particularly cute!

Waterproof notepad
You never know when inspiration will strike! I know I do a lot of good thinking in the shower. And then promptly forget it all once I'm dried off.

Hemingway quote keychain from Fragile Elite Design
I love the little ballpoint nib charm on this key chain. And the writers in your life will appreciate the quote!

Funny page flags
Leave notes for yourself with style. Or at least humor!

And, of course, there's always tea or coffee. You need a warm drink to curl up with that book in winter!

What great things have you found for the readers and writers in your life this year?

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