Babysitter Info Sheet (free printable)

When we found a great babysitter in the neighborhood and started having her watch Phee, I needed a way to make sure she had all of our contact information. Being the crazy, organized first-time parents that we are, with completely opposite work schedules, we needed to give the babysitter much more than just phone numbers. Just in case.

I made up a sheet for her with every bit of pertinent information I thought she would need: our home info, contact info, emergency contacts, medical info and Phee's bedtime routine. I laminated that sheet and we've been using it for over a year. It's been a time saver for me because I just have to pull it out and leave it on the fridge or counter for the babysitter. I don't have to write the info up every time she comes.

Free printable sheet with space for all pertinent info for a babysitter

I've reworked the sheet for you as a PDF with blank spaces. Or you can just grab the photo of it right here in the post. There are a few ways you can use this sheet.
  • Print it out on paper and fill it out. You can keep printing them out and filling them in whenever you need it.
  • You can print it out, fill it out and laminate it like I did.  
  • You can print it out and laminate it. Then, just write on it with a dry or wet erase marker so that you can make changes as needed. For example, if you're going out with your emergency contact people, you may want to fill in the info for different friends or family for that particular night.
I feel better knowing that I've left all the info organized for the babysitter to reference quickly.  I hope this helps keep your organized and gives you some peace of mind when you leave your little ones with a babysitter.

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