Window washer activity

Phee goes to a music class every week and thoroughly enjoys it. In the waiting area, there are books, toys and some musical instruments. There are also very large picture windows that all the kids are drawn to. A little window washing station is set up with spray bottles full of water, squeegees, and rags. It's super cute and it's just about the only thing Phee with play with while she's waiting for class.

The great thing about this activity- it's simple and inexpensive. And if your child is really into it like mine is, then your window will be fairly well cleaned.

Get a small spray bottle and fill it with water. Grab some old rags or washcloths. We use some of the old cloth baby wipes for this activity. They're very soft and don't leave fibers behind. If you have a squeegee or want to get one, add that to the mix, too. Find a little handled basket or canvas tote bag and load it up with the window cleaning activity.

I pull up the blinds in the living room and Phee goes to town on the front window and the big sliding glass doors. The windows might not be expertly cleaned, but she rinses off her own hand prints. And she's occupied for 15-20 minutes when I need to get something done. A winning activity in my book!

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