May 12- Limerick: #playinmay daily blogging challenge

I feel slightly bad about sharing this again so soon after St. Patrick's Day, but it makes me laugh. Today's prompt is "Limerick." Could I write a new limerick? Yes. Am I going to? Doubtful.

I mean, really, why mess with perfection? Which was achieved in fifth grade apparently.

There once was a leprechaun who
Decided to hide in a shoe.
A foot came one day,
And to his dismay,
He'll grant no more wishes to you.

If I could find the awesome accompanying artwork, I would happily share it with you. This little poem was written out on white paper and glued to a green construction paper shamrock. I believe it was decorated with leprechauns and shamrocks and other such St. Paddy's day shtick. Sadly, it's long gone. Or stuck somewhere in my mom's basement or my old closet which pretty much is the same thing as being long gone.

To this day, this is the only poem I've ever memorized. I feel like I should go read some classic poetry now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Come visit and see some other limericks! I'd love to have you share your favorite, too!

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