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I've been going to a lot of concerts this year. In the past, I didn't go to much of anything, even though there are so many shows that come through Austin. Doug and I don't really like the same music. I mean, we like a lot of the same stuff, but when it comes to bands you want to go see live, we don't have a lot of overlap. So, I just didn't go.

Last year I got a pass to the ACL festival and went by myself. I had a friend that was going and we met up a few times, but I mostly spent the weekend wandering back and forth, hearing whatever bands I wanted to hear, having a blast.

And so this year, I started going to see bands I wanted to see. If you recall, back in April, I went to something like four shows in a month. Completely unheard of for me.

I wasn't always by myself, but when I was, it really wasn't a big deal. I don't know why I was so uncomfortable doing that before. In a crowd of people who are all together to see the same band and hear the same music, you're never really alone. There's such a great group experience in live music. Everyone has their own take on it, their own memories to recall and to make, but you've all just shared an evening, singing along, hearing your favorites, making friends.

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down taping for Austin City Limits #austin #acltv #music
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down taping for Austin City Limits
 Last night, I got to go to a taping for Austin City Limits. Talk about amazing. You walk in and there is that iconic backdrop of the Austin skyline. I've seen this show on PBS for years. I don't remember really watching a lot of full episodes, but I've caught bits and pieces for years. I have a VHS tape kicking around somewhere with Tom Waits episode on it from a re-airing. Phee and I rocked out to the Flogging Molly episode a couple years ago, well past her bedtime.

My favorite part of live music is the goosebumps. When you hear your favorite song, when you get that perfect mix of crowd, music, lights... those goosebumps are amazing. I love to be swept up in the moment. I come out of every show wanting to go to more.

Luckily, in Austin, there's never a shortage of bands to see. I've already got a handful of tickets for shows in the fall. I can't wait to get in the middle of the crowd again and feel the music.

Do you go to a lot of concerts? What's the best concert you've ever been to? 

ACL Fest 2013 #austin #acl #music
ACL Fest 2013

Old Crow Medicine Show at Nutty Brown Cafe #music #atx
Old Crow Medicine Show at Nutty Brown Cafe

Sarah McLachlan at ACL Moody Theater #music #austin #acl
Sarah McLachlan at Moody Theater

The Slackers at Flamingo Cantina #austin #music
The Slakers at Flamingo Cantina

Vampire Weekend at Stubbs 2014 #music #austin
Vampire Weekend at Stubbs

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