Patchwork Paper Tree {kid craft}

{Phee's Easter tree}
A couple weeks before Easter this year, Phee saw some Easter eggs hanging in the tree outside the coffee shop.  She said that she wanted to do that, too.  When I was a kid, my mom always cut branches that were just starting to bloom and get green with new leaves.  Now, our seasonal allergies are horrible so there was no way branches were coming into the house for an Easter tree. 

Enter paper.  My most favorite craft item.  We made a paper tree with scrapbook paper and mismatched branches.  Phee colored Easter egg designs that I drew on construction paper and bunnies, chicks and more eggs I printed out.

This was the best little Easter tree and Phee was so very proud of it.  She was able to reach all the branches on the pint sized tree and so she was able to decorate the entire thing.

A tree like this could be used so many different ways:

  • holidays or birthdays
  • studying birds, different leaves, bugs, tree dwelling animals
  • labeling tree parts for beginning readers
  • hanging nature themed words on the branches for older kids
  • a rainy day imaginative project- "build" the tree and then create a whole little town in the branches
Really, you're only limited by what you or your kids can draw or print out from the internet.

scrapbook paper
printed out images
painters tape

{printed out branches on 11 x 17 paper}
Create a tree trunk out of brown scrapbook papers.
Add printed out branches, or create more from scrapbook paper.
Add whatever decorations or learning tools you want!

{the completed tree}

Recycle it when you're finished.  Or keep the trunk and branches intact and change out the additional elements.  This simple project paired with your kids' imaginations will certainly create some fun memories!

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