Bubble ABCs

A fun bubble decoration to display ABCs

We're working on letter recognition with Phee lately. She sings her ABCs like a pro, in funny voices, and even mixed in with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We've played some letter matching games with her name and she's thoroughly enjoyed them. So, we're looking for lots of fun ways to work on letter recognition and recall.

Monday afternoon, at the very end of our long holiday weekend, a great idea came to me for displaying the ABCs. We don't have a lot of wall space in Phee's room (too many toys and books!). And, generally, when we do some fun art or craft project, we take up the walls in the living room and dining area. 

Phee loves bubbles and I had the lucky inspiration to make bubble ABCs. My first thought was to draw bubbles and put the letters in the center of each one. We went a step further and created a construction paper Phee complete with bubble wand.

Help kids learn ABCs with this fun bubble decoration and learning tool

I had fun drawing the bubbles and creating the paper Phee. It's the type of project I thoroughly enjoy. Phee had a great time coloring in the dress (and arms and legs) and playing with the bubbles. She helped stick them up on the wall, too.

When we finished and stood back, Phee was thrilled. She knows that they are letters, though she doesn't know their names, so she started to sing the ABCs. We sang a couple times, pointing at each bubble letter as we went. She later went back a couple times, touching them all, singing and talking about them.

A successful project in my book!

What games, tips, or tricks did you use to help your kids learn their ABCs?

Bubble ABC wall decoration to help kids learn ABCs

  • construction paper
  • markers
  • scissors
  • painters/masking tape
  • Draw bubbles for the alphabet and cut them out.
  • Pick the colors for a paper kid outfit and shoes, plus hair and body to match your child.
  • Sketch out or just freehand cut the clothes and body parts out and assemble them with your adhesive of choice.
  • Use the markers to draw a face.
  • Tape your paper kid and bubbles up on a wall and start singing those ABCs!  
{bubble letters}
{paper phee's body}
{paper phee's head}
{paper phee!}

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