Painted Picture Frames {kid craft}

We like to make gifts when we can, especially for Phee's teachers.  When Phee left her favorite teacher, we decided to make a cute frame for a picture of the two of them.  Phee has done this project a couple times for different people and it's always a hit.  And she loves painting!

The first time we did this project, I painted the frames a solid color and gave Phee stickers to decorate with.  Those frames were for the grandmas for Mother's Day a couple years ago and they loved them.  This time, Phee did the painting, picked out the stickers herself, and did all the decorating herself.

You can adapt this project for different ages which makes this a great activity if you have toddlers and older kids.  It's fun for kids to personalize, too.  They get to show off their artistic skills and give a sweet memento to a teacher, relative, or friend.  It's easy to make and the materials aren't expensive.

  • unfinished frame
  • acrylic paint
  • brushes
  • paper plate
  • embellishments (optional)
  • Set up the frame on some newspaper or scrap paper to avoid spills and stray brush strokes from an over zealous painter. 
  • We use acrylic paint which I squirt out onto a paper plate.
  • Sometimes we use just one brush since the colors get mixed anyway.  Sometimes, we use a couple brushes.
  • After the frame is dry, add some fun embellishments: buttons, scrapbook stickers, beads, etc.
  • Add your picture and wrap your gift!

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