I-Spy in the City {activity}

Over the summer, we took a quick trip to San Antonio for birthday party and visit with friends.  We stayed downtown, not far from the Children's Museum, and planned to walk down and spend some time at the museum.  It was fantastic!  The museum was excellent and completely different than Austin's museum so Phee was thrilled to explore each floor.

On our walk to and from the museum, Phee had another fun game to play.  I created an I Spy in the City book for her.  I used Google Maps to look at our hotel and the route we walked to the museum and then picked simple clip art of things we were likely to see on the 6-block walk.  I made the images black and white so that she could mark them off and then go back and color them in.  My plan was that she could color them in at dinner time if she needed something to do at the table.  It didn't quite work out like that, of course, but she still enjoyed her city scavenger hunt.

You can click here to download the PDF of the I Spy booklet.  It's set up on three 8 1/2 by 11 sheets of paper.  I printed them out double sided on white card stock and then cut them in half the short way (at 5 1/2 inches).  I then folded them all and stapled the little booklet on the seam.  This creates a small booklet that's perfect for your little one's hands.

Once you've got your book assembled, grab a crayon or pencil and take a fun walk through the city!

{a sample of some images included in the I Spy in the City book}

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