What My Mom Has Taught Me

An amazing German chocolate brownie recipe. And kickass caramel corn, too.

Reading is amazing and fun. And sometimes a really good book trumps sleep.

To say no sometimes because you can't do it all.

Sharing yourself with your friends and people in need is a valuable use of your time.

If your kid is happy and healthy, you're probably doing it right.

Sometimes a picnic dinner on the floor in front of a good show is just what you need.

How to spell 'separate.'  The As are separated by the Es. I still cannot spell that word without thinking of that little trick.

Just because the box says 'easy to assemble' doesn't mean you won't have to kick the furniture into submission.

Laundry smells better when it dries on the line.

It's better to have a messy, lived in home than a pristine house.

Family first.

It's okay to turn out just like your mom. 

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