Contain those cords!

If you're anything like us, you have way too many things that need to be charged on a regular basis.  Phone, iPod, laptop, e-reader... The only thing I consistently charge in a specific place is my phone which I charge at night and use as an alarm clock.  The rest of it gets charged at the bar in the kitchen usually- the hub of our house.

The kitchen bar is literally in the center of the house.  We pass it fifty times a day.  Everyone dumps everything on the bar- Phee's collection of rocks, lunch containers, papers from school, keys, phones- all of it.

Quick and easy storage solution for cords and chargers

After moving cords around a couple hundred times, I finally decided to do something about them.  I found an empty glass jar and thought it might be just the thing to help me contain the cords.  So far, it's worked pretty well.

I moved the laptop cord to the bedroom and cleared a space for it to be charged on top of a low bookcase.  My Kindle cord, the iPhone cord and couple others can be wound up and stuck in the jar out of the way.  The cords aren't out of sight, but it does get them off the floor and counter when they aren't being used.  And, with a clear jar, I can see which cords I have and which might have migrated to another part of the house.

Quick and easy storage solution to organize and contain chargers and cords.

How do you manage the cord clutter in your house?  Does it all end up in the same location?

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