Slicing Corn off the Cob

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We had our first corn on the cob this weekend. It was delicious! It never cooled off enough for Phee to try before she was ready to leave the table, but Doug and I enjoyed it immensely.

I bought a dozen ears so that I could freeze some of it for later. I can never remember how long I'm supposed to cook the corn and always end up having to call either my mom or my mother-in-law. This time, my mom won out because I know she freezes corn sometimes.

After answering my question, she says, "And you have a bundt pan, right?" Well that threw me for a loop. Why on earth would I need a bundt pan when I'm asking about corn on the cob?

Turns out, there's a very neat trick using that bundt pan! Stick your ear of corn in the center of the bundt pan, slice down, and the corn all falls into the pan itself. There's no wobble, the knife doesn't slide out of your hand, and the corn all stays in one dish. My mother is a genius!

I'd never heard of this trick before. I'd love to say that my mom was the fist to think of it. I just did a search, though, and it's not a new idea. It worked like a charm, though (which means I didn't cut my fingers!). I sliced corn off eight ears and had four cups to freeze. I divided the corn into two-cup portion bags and then put those two bags inside a freezer bag and laid them flat in the freezer. 

I'm quite looking forward to pulling that corn out of the freezer in a few months when the fresh corn is long gone.

Some tips:
  • Let your corn cool before slicing it off the cob.
  • Use a serrated knife.
  • Don't push too hard on the corn cob or it'll slide right through the hole in the bundt pan once you've cut a couple sides. 
  • I found it easier to put the skinnier end (top) of the corn into the bundt pan hole and slice down starting with the bigger kernels.
  • Make sure the corn is cool before you freeze it.
Do you freeze or can any fruits or veggies when they're in season so that you can enjoy them later in the year?

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