Menu Plan Monday {6.11.12}

Whew!  What a weekend!  We had two parties on Saturday, a birthday pool party for one of Phee's classmates and then a baby shower for a guy Doug works with.  After the pool party, Phee and I were wiped out, and we had so much more to do.  A friend from college was in town Saturday, night, too and stayed until Sunday afternoon.  At which point Doug began brewing a new batch of beer with our friend, Ken.  Busy weekend indeed!

I managed to get a quick menu plan together so that Doug could shop for us Saturday morning while Phee and I were swimming in the (very) hot sun.

Just a note: My menu planning weeks run Saturday-Friday because the farmer's market is on Saturday and our schedules pretty much only allow for weekend grocery shopping.


Navy beans & ham, fresh bread
This was so good.  I used the ingredients called for, but added a little more carrot and celery.  For the ham, I got two thick slices of low sodium ham at the deli counter and chopped them up.

Pepperoni and veggie pizza, applesauce, veggies & dip

Honey garlic chicken, rice, fruit
I haven't made this recipe yet, but it sounds delicious and I can't wait to give it a try.


Enchiladas using any leftover chicken, salad

Breakfast, fruit

If you've been reading my menu plans for a few weeks now, you've noticed that I always build leftover night into the menu and usually an easy breakfast or baked potato and soup night.  Those are things I usually have on hand and can throw together if our schedule gets out of whack, someone is sick or we're just too tired.  I like having that flexibility built in, plus it's always good to get rid of the leftovers!

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