Fall citrus & spice simmering pot

I don't have a food recipe for you today, but I do have something that will make your house smell delicious! It's a sweet, spicy fall scent that evokes crisp days, warm drinks, and baking.

Last night, Phee and I ate some clementines after dinner. And by some I mean we ate four or five because that girl can never get enough. She asked about eating the peels and so we talked about those for a few minutes and I was reminded of a use for them.

We put the peels from two clementines in a small pot on the stove and filled it up with water. Then, we added a cinnamon stick, a healthy dose of ground cloves, and a bit of ground nutmeg. Turn that on to simmer on the stove and your house will smell divine.

Fall citrus & spice simmering pot ~ Life in Random Bits #home #decor #diy

I don't know that Phee noticed the scent at all. She was just happy to have helped mix it up. After about 20 minutes I could smell it throughout the house, though, and it was just lovely. I plan on adding some more water tonight and letting it simmer a bit more.

What are your favorite fall scents?

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