Menu Plan Monday {11.19.12}

Leftovers, pantry and freezer... that's where our meals are coming from this week.  I'm not going into the holiday weekend with lots of extra meals hanging around in the fridge or freezer.  I'm going to need that space for Thanksgiving leftovers!

Meals for the week of November 19
Enchiladas from the freezer
Minestrone from the freezer
Chili from the freezer

Then, we're into the Thanksgiving weekend!  We're having our dinner on Friday this week because of Doug's schedule.  I think we're having a couple friends come over which will be nice.  And then on Sunday, we've invited some other friends to come over for a leftovers Sunday lunch.  Doug has a tasty pasta dish he likes to make that uses leftover turkey so we'll be having that and whatever else is still kicking around, plus whatever the friends bring.

Thanksgiving morning, and probably Friday morning, too, I always make cinnamon rolls and sausage for breakfast.  It's a yummy breakfast that won't fill anyone up too much before our big dinner

What do you do on Thanksgiving morning?  Is a fight to keep your crew from eating a bunch of food before the big dinner?

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