Primary Colors

A few months ago, Phee discovered a fantastic Sesame Street clip on YouTube.  It's a catchy little song about primary colors featuring the always entertaining OK, Go.  We sing it all the time.

Not long before we found this song, Phee got a new book, Curious George's First Day of School.  This cute story has George going to school as a helper and mixing up paint colors into a huge mess in the classroom.  There is a color wheel on the back page to explore colors and how they mix together.  It's a simple, fun exploration of the primary colors.

Between this book and the Sesame Street video, Phee quickly picked up on which colors are primary.  She's still getting the hang of mixing them correctly to make other colors.  But, she knows that mixing will yield different results and constantly asks us about combining whatever colors she happens to be using or playing with at the time.

Somewhere in the middle of this color discovery, her class did a color experiment.  This is a simple project you can do at home with paint and paper.  Basically, you need a big piece of thick paper, or finger paint paper, and red, yellow and blue paints.  You squirt a bit of all three colors into separate areas of the paper and let the kids experiment with mixing them together.

We haven't recreated the paint experiment ourselves at home, but we have tried overlaying different colors in crayon and colored pencil to get different results.  Discovering all of these things together has made it fun to learn about the primary colors.  It's not something we set out to learn about at this age, but when you happen upon great tools it's a good idea to use them!  

Have you come across other activities or books that teach primary colors? 

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