7 days of easy Elf on the Shelf ideas

I've been having so much fun with our Elf on the Shelf this year.  I love coming up with creative little ways to surprise Phee in the morning.  The paper chain from the last post was the most involved thing I've done so far, yet each day has been cute and more than just hide-and-seek.

I've actually found it really easy to come up with elaborate, time consuming things for Lion to do.  It seems to be a bit tricky to come up with something interesting, but fast and simple.

We're all scurrying around this time of year with shopping, decorating, wrapping and more.  To help you in your quest for fun while busy, here's another week of quick and easy ideas!

Lion got his little snowman friend to drive him up to the tree with a truckload of decorations.

Phee's birthday is in early December which made for some easy Elf nights. He left her a birthday card to find on her birthday morning.  (You could do this with a Christmas card instead.)

Pirate monkey captured Lion!

We play lots of games when my mom is in town visiting and this time was no exception.  Lion wanted to get in on the fun!

A tired Lion decided to camp out in the living room near the Christmas tree one night.

Time for more decorating!  This time, Lion decided to make some tiny paper snowflakes to add to the tree he decorated last week.

This morning, Phee found Lion swinging away in the Christmas tree.

I hope those give you some fun ideas for busy nights when there isn't time to set your Elf up in a big staged scene.  What have your kids enjoyed the most about their Elf so far this year? 

If you're looking for more ideas, check out the first part of this series for some more fun!

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