Heart Door Hangers

After making our heart banner last week for the fireplace, Phee was on a roll and excited for more decorating.  I asked her what she had in mind.  As she scanned the living room, she decided that maybe she would like to hang something on the doors.  Works for me- I love to decorate!

Along with some paper I'd picked up at Target in the dollar spot, I had gotten a little pack of ribbon.  I didn't really look at the ribbon, and it turns out, those rolls only have a very small amount of ribbon.  But, that amount was perfect for door hangers!

I'd been wanting to make something similar to these since Halloween and just never had time to do it.  So, this turned out to be fun for me, and fun for Phee as well.

  • patterned and colored paper
  • ribbon
  • adhesive
  • stickers and embellishments

  1. Cut your ribbon to your preferred length.  Ours hang down about 10 inches.
  2. Tie a loop in the ribbon so that you can hang them over doorknobs.
  3. Cut out small, medium, and large hearts to fit on your length of ribbon.  If you want the hearts to match up evenly when you adhere them to the ribbon, be sure to keep an eye on your paper when you cut them.  Some of our paper was only patterned on one side, but I forgot to put the white sides of the paper together, with the color/pattern facing out, when I cut the hearts.
  4. Lay out one side of a set of hearts, from smallest to largest (top to bottom).
  5. Spread adhesive or glue on these hearts and then lay the ribbon over the center.
  6. Place the other side of each heart over the ribbon to sandwich it between the layers.
  7. Continue with all hearts and ribbons.
  8. After the hangers are assembled, you can decorate them with stickers, stamps, markers, glitter or whatever else you may want to use.
  9. Hang the ribbons up on your doorknobs and enjoy your lovely decorations!

Another cute and simple Valentine decoration for your house!  The best part is that if one gets stuck in a door, you can always throw another one together.  And, when the holiday is over, you can hold on to them for another year, or just toss them.

These would also make a cute decoration to give a friend as a Valentine, or to use as a simple classroom decoration.  What's your favorite Valentine's Day decoration?

Looking for candy-free Valentine ideas?  We made oatmeal valentines last year!  And check out some other crafts and treats we've made for Valentine's Day.

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