Silly girls

Phee and I had a really great night last Thursday when we went to the Starry Night event at Girlstart. We learned about moon phases and did some fun projects. 

We went to dinner beforehand. I asked her questions about her day, we talked about lots of things, then she turned to me and said, "How was your day mom?" Such a sweetie. 

We also were totally goofy. The first time we went to this event, we took a cute picture of the two of us and sent it to Doug. This time, Phee was in a really silly, funny mood so we laughed and made faces.

I love these nights and getting to learn with her, instead of just teaching and showing. I also love that she is totally into space and science and exploring. Her little mind is always going full speed and she comes up with some amazing ideas, and insightful connections. 

Children are fascinating. I feel so lucky to watch this sweet girl grow up.

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