33 candy-free Easter basket ideas & printable tag

Easter is approaching. I'm sure the 372 Facebook posts and pins about Easter desserts and projects tipped you off.

This is one holiday that's just getting away from me this year. Usually, Phee and I make decorations and have lots of fun getting ready for holidays, but there's just too much going on this month. I'm hoping we can do some fun crafts this week, just for our own enjoyment. It's always so nice to see Phee's artwork on the walls and fridge.

Phee usually gets a small Easter basket. I don't like to fill it up with lots of candy and sweets, though. Honestly, she still has half of the candy from her Valentine's Day party sitting on the counter. We definitely don't need more. When we fill eggs for her school egg hunt, the teachers often specify candy-free, or at least chocolate free. Here in Texas, you can almost guarantee chocolate will turn in to a melted mess on the playground before the kids get out there to find the eggs.

We keep the candy-free theme going for the whole Easter basket. This year, Target had some really cute Peter Rabbit coloring books, puzzles, and story books in the dollar spot so I picked those up. She loves Peter Rabbit, so I was really excited to find this stuff. I'm sure Doug will add some fun little treats or a fancy decorated cookie for her, too.

If you're looking for some different Easter basket ideas, I've got a whole list for you. These are candy free, and in lots of cases, consumable. I'm a fan of that type of present because the kids get to use it and enjoy it, but it isn't something that's going to sit around the house forever. Bath items and craft items are my favorite choices for that very reason. Plus books, because you can't go wrong with books!

candy free easter basket ideas with printable

33 Candy-free Easter basket ideas

shaped soaps
bath crayons
bath toys
bubble bath
fun bath pouf

fruit snacks
small cookies
raisins/dried fruit
yogurt covered raisins

Arts & Crafts
coloring books
small notebooks
clay or play-doh
craft project kits
model sets

sidewalk chalk
remote control car
baseball, soccer ball, football, etc.
glider planes
roller skates

Fun & Games
cars & trucks
stuffed animals

movie tickets
museum/zoo/aquarium passes
sports game tickets

I've made a cute little Easter basket tag to go along with the list, too. Just save the picture and you can resize it as needed for your little one's basket! One has a little poem and one is plain so you can write your own note.

What do you do for Easter baskets? Or do you skip baskets and do an egg hunt? I love hearing about the traditions everyone has for different holidays!

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