The Ball I Dropped

#PlayinMay Day 6: The ball I dropped...

Today's prompt for the Play in May challenge is "The Ball I Dropped." My initial thought when I sat down to write this was, "Which one?" Seriously, any time around a holiday, you might as well just look for the tornado if you're looking for me. I'm a mess of ideas, lists, and forgottens.

This week is Teacher Appreciation at Phee's school. I'm the parent partner for her class, so I'm doing the coordinating for our portion of that. I'm trying to remember that she needs to make some cards for her teachers, and that I need to write some notes. We need to take food on Thursday. I'd like to get a little gift for each teacher. We didn't have any time to work on anything over the weekend, though, since we were too busy having fun with Gramp on his visit.

On top of that, Mother's Day is now less than a week away. If we don't get cards in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday, the grandmas won't get anything on time. As it is, I don't think we'll manage to get the gifts made on time. We're going to make salt dough somethings. Maybe necklaces, maybe key chains, maybe... something.

So, Mother's Day cards take precedence because I hate to be late. Which I always am anyway. I can't ever seem to remember to get a card in the mail on time. For anyone. For anything. That really frustrates me because I used to pride myself on remembering birthdays and sending notes. Of course, that was long before Phee and her school and trying to do fun things with her. But still... it's not like these holidays are a surprise. They're on the calendar. The calendar at work, at home, Phee's monthly school calendar. I just can't manage.

And so, I'll be dropping the ball all week around here. While my mom and Doug's mom will of course say that it doesn't matter, it matters to me. They are important and they are special. We don't hesitate to tell them that and don't need a specific day to do so, but I would feel a lot less frantic about it all if I could just remember to plan ahead. One of these days...

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