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After we settled in Austin, we were thrilled to find that the farmers' markets are year round. A big improvement over the sporadic farm stands and small markets in New Hampshire and Ohio. Our schedules don't always leave us time to get to the market, but it's really nice to know that there are several throughout the week we can try to get to.

Eventually we discovered Wheatsville, a fantastic co-op grocery store. Our grocery trips here were sporadic at first. But, as we started to change the way we were eating and we began to focus more on local, organic, and natural, Wheatsville became our primary grocery store and we became members.

Yes, things are pricier at the co-op sometimes. But we get a lot of fresh, in season, local produce and that's our favorite feature. There are quarterly member specials, lots of good coupons and deals every week, and buying in season is always cheaper.

I've found several sources of natural and organic coupons over the last year or so. When we originally started shopping organic, there weren't a lot of coupons to be found. Now, I can find many for products we normally buy, especially things that Phee really loves.

These are great resources and have definitely helped our grocery budget. You may find duplicates if you visit all of these sites every week. For example, Greenbacks Gal lists all sorts of coupons which then link to the actual coupon site, such as Common Kindness. If you use these regularly, you'll start to recognize which coupons you've already seen and which ones are likely duplicates and you can save yourself the extra time trying to get them to print!

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Natural & Organic Coupon Resources
Mambo Sprouts
Mambo Sprouts is a great resource for info on natural and organic products. They have a blog, samples, and coupons available in several ways. Best of all, they have printable coupons.
The Greenbacks Gal
Andrea at Greenbacks Gal is all about saving on organic products. She has recipes, daily deals on all kinds of healthy lifestyle items, and links to printable natural and organic coupons.

Surprisingly, Coupons.com often has printable coupons for healthy and beauty products we use and some organic foods. I didn't expect this when I first started perusing their coupons.

Common Kindness
Common Kindness is a great resource. Not only do they have their own coupon gallery, they also have Smart Source, Redplum, and other galleries as well. The Common Kindness gallery has the most organic and natural printable coupons, but you can find other useful coupons, such as batteries or allergy medicine, in the other galleries too.

Another great feature? You can register and choose a charity to benefit from your printing and saving!

Money Saving Mom
This site is full of all sorts of deals on ebooks, magazines, groceries, drug store items, and more. There are recipes, projects, and all sorts of info geared toward saving money. Each week, there is a Natural & Organic Coupons & Deals post. Much of the information comes from Greenbacks Gal, but if you follow the site, you can often find deals and coupons for other things throughout the week. I've been clued in to some great sales and deals at Target and Amazon by following Money Saving Mom.

Lozo is new to me. I've only tried it a couple times, but you can enter in the products you're shopping for and then the site searches the internet for available printable coupons for those products. You can also sign up for coupon alerts. The first time I tried it, I did find a couple useful coupons. I'll definitely be testing it again.
I love this app. This isn't coupons, it's money back on specific products. After you shop, you upload a photo of your receipt, choose the offers you're redeeming, and once approved, the money appears in your Checkout51 account. Once you reach $20 you can request a check. Using this is a slow and steady race for us, but they have at least one fresh produce offer each week. While it might only be a $0.25, that quarter is better than nothing!

Sometimes, if you follow a particular brand on Facebook, they will have printable coupons on their page. I know Green & Black's chocolate has done that before. And Rudy's, too, I think. One other thing I've tried is contacting companies directly if I really like a product. Sometimes I get lucky and get coupons in the mail!

What resources have you found for saving on natural and organic products and produce?

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