Reruns are good

I'm repeating a week of the Couch to 5K app.

It's not a failure. Six months ago? A year ago? I would have felt like I'd failed, like I just couldn't do it and I should just stop.

Thoughts on repeating a C25K week and seeing it as a success. #running #exercise #c25k

Not now. Not at all. It's been four weeks and it's habit for me to get out and run every couple days. I feel good, and not just because I'm exercising more consistently than I have in years. I have so much more confidence than I think I ever have. I'm generally a pretty positive person, or at least I try to project that, but lately, I'm just feeling positive about everything. I'm happy, I have great support, I have great resources, and I'm having fun. A recipe for success!

So, here I am, repeating week four of the C25K app. Week four has been hard. Week four, day one was the first time I ran five minutes straight. And I had to do it twice each day. I didn't quit. I think I was walking faster than I was running, but I was doing it. As I said to Doug, I was sore and my legs were exhausted, but not injured sore. Just my body saying, "hey, we don't actually use those muscles."

I finished week four and then looked ahead to week five. Oh boy. Doug prefers not to look ahead. He goes out, starts the app and just does what it tells him to do. He's been running longer than I have, though, so, while it might be difficult for him, he's more accustomed to doing it in the first place. Not me! I want to know exactly what I'm getting into.

The last day of week five is a 20 minute jog. 20 minutes straight. I read that and about fell over. I know I can't do it. And not in a "I can't ever do that" way, but realistically, for where I am right now. My legs aren't ready for it. As someone who has tried, over and over, to get some sort of exercise routine in place, only to get discouraged and quit, I don't want to see that happen again. I'm not going to let it happen again.

So, I'm repeating week four. And I'm happy about it. I need the practice and I need the time to get stronger so I can do those 20 minutes straight. I'm stronger now than I was one month ago and I'm getting better every day. In a couple weeks, I'll be finishing that 20 minute run. And you're definitely going to hear about it!

Have you done the Couch to 5K program, or something similar? I'd love to hear about how it worked for you and how you handled any setbacks or interruptions in the program.

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