Packing for vacation with kids

In a couple short weeks, I'm going to be on my own for the first time in nearly 5 years. Doug and Phee are flying out to see his parents for a week. Phee is beside herself with excitement. She gets to spend a couple days with Nana and Gramp all by herself. There will be apple pie baking, star gazing, possibly a camp out in the back yard, and maybe even a trip to a family farm. I'm sure Nana has come up with an even longer list than that, too!

I don't quite know what I'm going to do with myself. Phee asked what I was going to do while they were gone.
"Sleep a whole lot."
"Sleep? Why are you going to sleep so much momma?"
"Because I've been tired for about 5 years."
Which she thought was a pretty funny answer.

I know for sure I will wander around the first night in the quiet house. Like Doug did the last time we were gone, I'm sure I'll just close Phee's bedroom door so I'm not going in every thirty minutes anyway.

It's hard not to be just as excited as she is, though. She can't wait to go. Phee loves to travel, especially to fly. She and Doug haven't had one of these huge adventures themselves yet. The solo parent traveling is always me. Over the weekend, Phee was already talking about making a list of what she wants to pack. She wants to write it all down so she can cross if off, "just like your grocery list momma."

Packing for vacation with kids ~ Life in Random Bits #vacation #travel #kids

Let me give you a great tip for vacation packing with kids: laundry baskets. When it was just me and Doug, we'd lay everything out on the bed, then pack it up. Now that there are three of us and we're generally packing at different times, laundry baskets have become invaluable. Doug gets his stuff out and once he's all set, he piles it into an empty laundry basket. I do the same for Phee's clothes and extras. Once it's in the basket, it doesn't come back out. It goes right into the suitcase and we're done.

This tip has saved us a lot of time and made packing such a smooth process. I highly recommend giving it a try!

What great tips do you have for traveling with kids?

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