Soft, sweet days

Soft, sweet days made for making memories ~ Life in Random Bits #quote

This, on my desk for fall, is making me quite happy today. It's such a lovely idea- regular days, full of ordinary fun which are really and truly magical. Those days are indeed the most amazing. I relish the quiet days we spend as a family, just enjoying each other, wandering through the day finding fun as we go.

We had a big party over the weekend and it was such fun. Throwing parties isn't something we normally do. As much as we like to entertain, I think that underneath it all, Doug and I much prefer to do so on a small scale so that we can really spend time with our friends. The party was wonderful, don't get me wrong, but it's so hard to connect with everyone with all the bustle of a party. One on one, a small dinner party, a fun night together so the kids can play and the adults can just relax... that's the kind of entertaining we seem to be drawn to.

I think this beautiful quote applies to quite a few areas of our life. We've been talking more about a big trip to Italy in a couple years. A huge event, yes. But it's the simple, surprising events of daily life in another place that we're most drawn to. Especially a place of familial origins. Discovering that place, imagining what it was like for the family that came before, exploring the nooks and crannies- that's the kind of experience we want.

Our soft days for making sincere, lasting memories together.

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