DIY Tinker Bell costume

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Phee loves pirates, Peter Pan, and fairies. Last year, she was completely into those so much that we had a Jake & the Never Land Pirates birthday, complete with gifts of Jake toys. It's all she watched when she got to choose a show. And then she discovered Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and fairies.

Of course, she wanted to be Tinker Bell for Halloween. She was adorable and she would often make a little tinkly bell sound to talk like Tink.

I love making Phee's costumes, but I wasn't sure how to tackle Tinker Bell in the best way. Matching greens when you go for separate pieces is tricky. I happened upon this adorable, sparkly dress on Amazon and that pretty much took care of the entire costume!

You can easily put together your own quick Tinker Bell costume, for adults or kids. Find a green dress, or green leggins and a tshirt. A lighter shade of green is preferable. With the darker shades, you look more like Peter Pan than Tink.

We used a pair of green wings that we found at Target. You could also spray paint a pair of wings with glitter spray paint.

To make Tink's shoes, we used a pair of Crocs that were just about too small and spray painted them with the glittery green spray paint. I made pom poms out of white yarn and tied them onto the Crocs. These were so easy to make and replace when they got dirty as white things on little feet inevitably do. To make an adult sized version, you could spray paint a pair of canvas flats or tennis shoes and then make pom poms out of yarn, or simply purchase jumbo white pom poms at the craft store. Hot glue either to the shoes and you're all set!

We added little fancy white socks for Phee and put her hair up in a bun and she was all set as a sparkly little Tinker Bell. She flew around the Fall Festival at school and then tore around the neighborhood with her friends on Halloween night. Her costume was adorable and she loved it. Bonus: it went right in the dress up closet and she played with it for months afterward!

What sort of DIY costumes have you made? Are you tackling another one this year?

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