DIY glittery Christmas decorations

I received a box of Christmas goodies from Dollar Tree to create this post. Opinions and ideas are all mine.

We love decorating for Christmas. The fact that it's a really short month between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year is driving us nuts. We got our Christmas tree immediately after Thanksgiving so that we could enjoy it for as long as possible. It still might not be enough time!

Phee has totally gotten into it all this year. She made some different decorations and ornaments in her last acting class and she put those on the tree as soon as it was up and lit. She has her own little pink tree in her room, too, and that has become a bit of a campfire in her games. It's also covered in ornaments she made.

It's so much fun to see her enthusiasm and excitement for the holidays and then to see the pride on her face when she has an opportunity to display her crafts and projects. I'm thinking she gets part of that from me. I love it when I have time to make fun things for the holidays. This year, after making some great Halloween decor with items from Dollar Tree, I was invited to participate in their Christmas promotion as well. A box of Christmas goodies to go crazy with? Sign me up for sure!

I got all sorts of great things- ribbon, ornaments, wreaths, glitter covered everything. We're big fans of glitter in this house. Well, maybe not Doug so much, but Phee and I will use it whenever we can. After I sorted the box, I got to work grouping, organizing, thinking, and generally just playing around with the designs and colors.

Glittery ornament centerpiece ~ Life in Random Bits #decor #christmas #diy

And then I made one of my favorite decorations. I have a heavy black tray I use on our dining room table to hold a plant on regular days, or decorations for holidays. But it wasn't being used for anything Christmasy. Well, no more! It's now a fabulous decoration that will be carried right into the new year. I emptied all the silver ornaments I received onto the tray and then nestled two votive holders in the center of the tray. With a LED candle in each one, it's a glittery decoration that I love to look at. It catches the light from the votives, the tree, and the living room and looks beautiful on the table.

Glittery ornament centerpiece ~ Life in Random Bits #decor #christmas #diy

I couldn't resist using some of the glittery items as well, so I made a wreath, too. I wrapped some candy-cane type ribbon around a wreath form and hot glued a big red bow to the bottom. After taking apart some decorative sprays, I regrouped the pieces I wanted into a smaller spray to one side of the bow. The final touch is a little gold bird happily sitting on the top of the wreath.
Glittery candy can inspired wreath ~ Life in Random Bits #christmas #decor #diy
These both turned out so well. And you can't beat easy and inexpensive when it comes to decorating. Honestly, you could make either one of these for $5. You can check out the Dollar Tree website for more decorating ideas, too!

What projects are you working on for the holidays this year? Are you making any decorations? Or gifts for anyone? I love making gifts!

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