Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day exploded at our house over the weekend.  This isn't a holiday we make a big deal of, but I saw so many fun things to do this year.  Plus, Phee and I like to do projects so we try something every holiday.

I made recycled crayons for Phee's school party Valentines.  (I'll post about that Thursday.)  then I made the Valentines themselves after she colored her part.  Luckily there are only 6 kids!

{rainbow crayons}

Phee and I made some decorations Friday night.

{Phee's fun artwork}

 I made some pink pancakes Sunday morning.  And then pink heart cupcakes with lavender frosting for her school party today.
{look like they should be strawberry flavored}
{sort of heart shaped cupcakes}

And, just for fun, because I thought it looked like a neat craft, we made necklaces yesterday.  Phee likes wearing hers, but we definitely should have waited another year before we made them.  She preferred eating the beads to wearing them.

{Phee and her necklace}

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