Please, No More Arthur.

I am exhausted.

We just spent a full month nursing sweet Phee through two rounds of strep and one bout of hand, foot and mouth.  There were a couple partial weeks in there where she appeared to be on the mend.  And then we'd head back to the doctor's office when her fever took a nasty spike.
{poor miserable little Phee}

Today, I think, we are back to normal and hopefully will get back to our regular schedule.  For three days.  Then, we're off to Seattle for a few days to see family.  And our schedule will be messed up again.  Phee just can't quite settle and sleep well when we're someplace else.  This time, though, I'll be sleeping with her which should really help the sleep/schedule issue.  She likes to "nuggle with my momma."  At home that equates to me sleeping on the floor in her room with her.  On vacation, that means she sleeps in bed with me and Doug gets his own bed.  It's the best way for anyone to get sleep when we're not home. 

Anyway, exhausted.  Sick children, even when they just want to lay around and watch movies, are tiring.  I think it's the worry, crappy food and lack of a schedule that are the worst.  We spent a great deal of time worrying about Phee since she was sick for so long this time around.  Plus, when the fever spikes to 104, no one's entirely calm.  We ate a lot of pizza and picked at a lot of half meals.  And if I see that doctor's office again before her December birthday checkup, I will not be pleased.   Phee, however, treats the doctor's office as a mini-playdate at the most magical place on earth.

My mom was even here for a week and that helped us immensely.  Phee was distracted and had a great time with her Gigi.  I got to sleep in a couple mornings.  It was quite nice.  She left last Thursday.  Phee went back to school last Friday.  At noon, her teacher let me know she had a bit of a fever again.

I almost ran away.

Back to the doctor again. Phee jumped and bounced and played her way through the appointment.  She had no other symptoms all weekend.  Just a slight fever Friday and Saturday.  Like I said, she's back to school today. 

I really hope it sticks.  My eye is starting to twitch just thinking about another week or two of sitting on the couch silently reciting Arthur and Madeline episodes.

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