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My sweet Phee started summer camp at what will be her new school in the fall. Last week was her first week and the first three days went really well. Thursday morning, she had a bit of a problem when I dropped her off. Followed by an anxious night of worrying and not sleeping. Friday morning drop off was a disaster with her crying and glued to me. And then I cried in the car (again).

We spent Friday and Saturday trying to decide what to do. It's a big change for her, and for all of us. It's a different language, a different place, a different learning environment, different people... lots of change all at one time.

I decided to make Phee a little lovey necklace for Monday morning of week two. I made it quickly in the hopes that having pictures of mom and dad readily available all day would help her feel better. When the necklace was finished and she had it on Sunday night, Doug and I both talked to her about how she's never really alone- we're always with her. And when she wears her necklace, she can see us both and be reminded that we love her and we're thinking about her.

She got the necklace off its hook Monday morning and put it on herself. And, after a little coaxing into school Monday morning, she went to her desk with me and we started to get her things organized. She pulled at the necklace and I told her she should go show it to her friend and the teachers. Everyone gathered around to look at the pictures and talk about it.  Phee felt very special and proudly showed it off.

And then I got a smile when I left.

This is an easy project as long as you do a little planning ahead. You'll have to measure the size of your wooden charm and then size your pictures accordingly before you print them out. It would have been much easier if I had a printer and photo paper at home, but right now that's not the case. So I drove to Walgreens twice. Small price to pay for a happy Monday morning.

  • Small wooden charm (we used a 1.5 in heart)
  • Small drill bit & drill
  • Acrylic paint
  • Photos
  • mod podge
  • Clear sealer
  • Ribbon, cord, necklace chain, etc

  • Drill a small hole in your wooden charm. (Be sure that when you paint and mod podge, the drilled hole doesn't get filled in.)
  • Paint the charm your desired color.

  • Cut your pictures out and decide how you want to arrange them. I was doing this in a hurry, but wanted to "fancy it up" a little bit so I got my decorative edged scissors out and cut the pictures to look like postage stamps.

  • Put a thin coat of mod podge on one side of the charm and affix one of the photos. When dry, repeat on the other side.

  • Brush a coat of mod podge on one side of the charm to secure the photo. When dry, repeat on the other side.
  • When the mod podge dries, spray a clear sealer on one side of the charm and let it dry. Then spray the other side.
  • Thread your ribbon, cording, or necklace material of choice through the hole, measure on your child and then secure with knots.

This would be a great little project for a child just starting school, starting a new school or even starting daycare. Separation anxiety happens at a lot of ages, especially with new situations. The charm could be made into a necklace, zipper pull, key chain, or even just a little pocket lovey for an older child. There are lots of options to help reassure your child as they head into their newest adventure!

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