Menu Plan Monday {7.16.12}

Geeze, it's Monday again?  Where do these weeks go?  And why do I have to keep cooking?!

Well, this week, I'm not cooking very much.  Sunday we'll be leaving for a two week vacation and we can't wait to get out of here and relax.  All three of us are burned out, tired and cranky and can't wait for Nana & Gramp's pool and the Cape.

So, like I said, no real menu plan.  I've got the ingredients for a couple crock pot meals, plus our pre-vacation standbys and, of course, the ever present leftovers.  I planned for these two crock pot meals because the leftovers can be frozen if we don't eat them and then we'll have some food ready for when we get back.

Crock pot chili & cornbread
Salsa chicken & rice

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