Toddler Lunches #2

{strawberry jam & cream cheese pinwheels, grapes, veggies & dip}
{morning snack- cranberry orange muffin}
{afternoon snack- apple slices}

{turkey, cheese & crackers; strawberries; yogurt}
{morning snack- cranberry orange muffin}
{afternoon snack- graham crackers & peanut butter}

{ham & cheese sandwich, celery sticks, crackers}
{morning snack- cranberry orange muffin}
{afternoon snack- grapes & strawberries}

{turkey & cheese sandwich, crackers, broccoli}
{morning snack- grapes & strawberries}
{afternoon snack- cranberry orange muffin}

{peanut butter sandwich, crackers, grapes}
{morning snack- apple slices}
{afternoon snack- cranberry orange muffin}

Such a creative week.  Ha!  We tried the strawberry and cream cheese sandwich on Sunday and Phee liked it.  And then she didn't eat it on Monday.  On Wednesday night I asked Phee what she wanted for lunch the next day and she repeated everything she'd eaten for lunch on Wednesday.  So, I made it again, mostly the same.  She was perfectly happy with that and ate nearly everything.  Especially the broccoli.

So, broccoli is in.  And sandwiches were apparently okay now.  Grahams and peanut butter didn't go over as well as they do at home.  Time to come up with some more creative ideas!
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