Toddler Lunches #3

 {corn dog muffin, broccoli with parmesan cheese, strawberries}
{morning snack- banana muffin}
{afternoon snack- carrots, celery & hummus}
 {chicken, broccoli with parmesan cheese, grapes}
{morning snack- banana muffin}
{afternoon snack- applesauce}

The Wednesday photo should be here.  Except I forgot to grab Phee's lunch when we left for school.  So, mid morning I rushed to the grocery store, got a lunchable and some fruit and milk and ran it to her school so that she'd have it in time for lunch.  I now have a reminder note hanging by the front door so we don't have that happen too many more times.
 {turkey & cheese flowers, crackers, grapes}
{morning snack- banana muffin}
{afternoon snack- apple slices}

{turkey & cheese hearts, applesauce, carrots & hummus}
{morning snack- banana muffin}

Well, we the plan was to try some new things this week.  But, it turns out that the corn dog muffins were too crumbly and Phee said it was too messy to eat.  I need to find a better cornbread recipe instead of using my Jiffy standby.  Also, I cut the hot dogs up into the muffins instead of just sticking one chunk in there because I didn't want Phee to choke.  She tends to inhale her food when she's really hungry.  So, back to the drawing board on that one.

The chicken and grapes that was so popular over the summer was no good this time.  She didn't want them mixed up and then she didn't eat the chicken anyway.

Turkey, cheese and crackers is always a hit.  And hummus.  Can't go wrong with hummus.  Or broccoli.  

Hoping for a bit more variation next week.  I need to actually read all the things I've pinned to my Lunch board.
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