Menu Plan Monday {9.3.12}

Last week's black bean soup was a total hit.  I've made it before, I think, but this time I actually took three minutes to get the immersion blender out and liquefy the soup.  I could eat it chunky or soupy and it's delicious either way.  Phee, however, thoroughly enjoyed it blended.  She licked her spoon.

Over the weekend, I used the leftover shredded beef and made enchiladas with some of the leftover black bean soup as the sauce on top.  It worked out pretty well.  This week I'm having a couple more crock pot meals and then we'll be eating the leftovers for a couple days.

Meals for the week of September 3
Baked pizza pasta
Salsa chicken

Easy short week for us this week.  We're still working on figuring out our schedule now that school has started and our commute time has changed.  It's going well, but Phee and I are both hungry girls by the time we're home most nights!  If you've got some great crock pot recipes, send them my way!

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