Framed Morning Reminder {diy}

We're into our second week of preschool.  It's going really well, after a rough start.  I didn't help things last week by forgetting Phee's lunch one day.  It was packed and ready to go.  I usually grab it after I've gotten her dressed and gathered my bag and keys.  That particular morning, Phee decided to go wake daddy up.  So, that threw the entire morning routine off.  Halfway to school, while she was whining about having to go to school, I looked at the seat next to me and exclaimed, "Crap!  I forgot your lunch!"  That was not the reassuring thing Phee wanted to hear.

 Our mornings can easily be thrown off track if Phee sleeps extra late, or wakes up extra early.  Daddy being awake in the morning is a rare occurrence that generally is accompanied by ten minutes of just dancing around talking to him while not getting dressed or eating breakfast.

I decided that I needed some sort of reminder so that I would remember to stop and check to see that we have everything we need before walking out the door.  Our front door is in a weird little cutout space at the front of the house and there's a tiny strip of wall just to the side of it.  Perfect for a small frame.

I created this short reminder list in Publisher with WordArt.  It's very simple, but perfect for my needs.  Our list has four items: Phee's lunch, baby (for nap time), water and snack (for the car) and my lunch.  I gave the list a nice border and background and then backed it on some fun scrapbook papers in coordinating colors.  There are always one or two picture frames kicking around the house so I grabbed a smaller one and then my reminder was ready to go.

It's just what I had in mind for a visual reminder.   We haven't forgotten any lunches this week.  And, I have a moment to pause and regroup before we walk out the door. 

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