Toddler Lunches #4

{turkey & cheese sandwich, cheddar rice cakes, strawberries}
{morning snack- banana muffin}
{afternoon snack- carrots, celery & hummus}

{turkey, broccoli, crackers, grapes}
{morning snack- banana muffin}
{afternoon snack- applesauce}
{pb&j rollup, carrots & cucumber, strawberries}
{morning snack- banana muffin}
{afternoon snack- orange slices}
{peanut butter sandwich, broccoli, grapes}
{morning snack- yogurt}
{afternoon snack- apple slices}
Ah, the short holiday week.  I love packing these lunches, but it certainly was nice to only do it four nights.  Phee's been doing pretty well and eating nearly all of her lunch so I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.  As long as I don't put cheese in with her turkey and crackers, all seems to be well.  Broccoli is still a winner.  And any fruit.  Peanut butter is good, but only if there's no jelly.  

I'm really hoping to have some time this weekend to get a couple things prepared ahead of time for snacks.  I've found some good granola bar recipes and the girl will eat nearly any kind of muffin.  I just have to find the time!
The lunch containers can be found on Amazon. (affiliate link)
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