Felt Halloween puppets {kid craft}

Phee and I talked about making a pumpkin puppet for Halloween.  That little project morphed into three big puppets and a thrown together puppet theater.  But it was a lot of fun!

{cuteness with a puppet}

This is an easy project and you can make any kind of puppet... pick a favorite story; make monsters, animals or family members; pick a favorite movie; pick a holiday.  

We chose a pumpkin, spider and ghost for our Halloween puppets.  We cut the felt out and used tacky fabric glue to adhere the two pieces together.  The glue didn't hold though.  My mom was there and quickly sewed all three puppets together while Phee had a bath.  The glue did hold the googly eyes which Phee stuck on each puppet.  She was not crazy about the eight eyes I put on the Spider, but I thought it was really cute.

{my favorite puppet}

Our puppet theater was made out of an old fitted sheet.  I cut a large window out of it after hanging it on the table.  The window was rather large, though, and proceeded to gape open.  So, I gathered the fabric together tightly at the bottom corners of the window and fastened them all together with safety pins.  Not expert construction by any means, but it got the job done.  Phee has a fun puppet theater that we can throw up on the table quickly, or fold up for storage easily. 

{poor lighting... we were having so much fun we forgot to turn lights on}

  • felt
  • tacky glue, hot glue, or needle & thread
  • googly eyes
{trace those little hands}

  1. Lay out your felt and lightly trace the puppet shape you want with a pen.  It's a good idea to lay your child's hand on the felt while you're doing this to make sure that you leave enough room for their hand to fit in the opening.
  2. Cut out your felt pieces.
  3. Glue or sew them together.
  4. Glue on any embellishments, like googly eyes, that you want to add.
  5. Get creative and make up stories for your puppets to act out!

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