Menu Plan Monday {10.29.12}

I should just copy last week's meal plan over to this week.  Phee changed back to her "regular school" last week so it was a bit crazy around our house.  Two days at the new school, a day off, and then two days at the old school.  It was a great move, though, and she is absolutely thrilled to be back with her friends.  She marches in happily every morning and can't wait to see everyone.  It was definitely the right decision, though Doug and I agonized over it for days.

We ended doing a spur of the moment dinner out with friends last week and then I completely forgot that Phee had Fall Festival at the new school so we were out Friday night, too.  So, this week, we're having some of the meals we just didn't get to last week.

Meals for the week of October 29
Blue Cheese & Dried Cherry Meatloaf (made this last night and it's an absolutely delicious, fancy-pants meatloaf)
Pasta with Eggplant Sauce (cooked this yesterday so it would be all ready for this week and it smelled fantastic)
Pizza with the leftover eggplant sauce and sausage (always read the comments on a new recipe- you never know what tips and tricks you'll find!)
Breakfast scramble with sausage and eggs

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