Letter from Santa {diy}

One year when I was a child, my brother and I got amazing letters from Santa.  If I remember correctly, they were on parchment paper with fancy script- very cool coming from Santa. 

Wouldn't your little one love to get a letter like that?  I know Phee would!  She's so into Christmas this year.  We've been watching Christmas shows and specials for the last few weeks and she can sing all the songs.  She's decorated a real tree, a paper tree, she has her own tree, she's done a gingerbread house... she loves it all.

At school she wrote a letter to Santa with help from the teacher.  It's an adorable little letter and when she names the things she would like for Christmas, it's apparent that she just looked around the room and named the things she could see.  The letter references shows and characters she's never seen outside of school before and it just cracked us up.

I snagged the letter and have been carrying it around for a couple weeks so we could mail it to Santa.  But, sweet Phee then got pneumonia and I never quite got around to addressing the letter or having her mail it.  I still think it would be fun for her to get a letter from Santa, though.

I created a letter using Publisher and printed it out for her.  Tonight, we're going to go down to the mailbox and mail her letter to Santa.  And then, one of these days before Christmas, she's going to receive the special letter from Santa.  I think she'll be thrilled!

I created a few blank letter background images for you to use, too.  Just click on an image and save it to your computer.  I don't have parchment paper, or even fancy paper, but I don't know that that really matters.  The backgrounds have a vintage feel to them with some cute vintage clip art images.  Santa's signature is on each one, but there's plenty of room to hand write a note from Santa, or to use the image as a background and type the letter over the image in a text box.

Enjoy creating this special note for your child and watching their face light up with this magic of the season.  Merry Christmas!

Santa with tree image and Santa with sled image are from Microsoft's clip art gallery.
Santa with his reindeer is a free vintage image from Vintage Fangirl.

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