Weight Watchers Revelation

I've completed my first week of Weight Watchers.  I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was.  I plan our meals each week and that part of the program took a little bit more work as I searched for recipes on the WW site and sorted through a mountain of WW friendly recipes I recently pinned.  In the end, it was worth it and we had some really delicious new dinners.

My biggest revelation of the week: it's portion control not counting calories.  Though I'd read about the latest version of WW before signing up, that fact just hadn't been clear to me.  Portion control is exactly what I need.  I've tried counting calories and it just has not worked well for me in the past, even when making healthy choices.  If I have to completely cut something out of my diet, I'm pretty much doomed from the beginning.  I like bread and cheese and sugar and I don't like giving them up.

The thing is, I did cut them out of my diet last week.  Unintentionally.  And I didn't really miss them.  I had a tired day toward the end of the week when I didn't want to cook and I wanted carbs, but even that I was able to handle.  It didn't turn into pizza delivery.  It turned into a sensible, measured portion of macaroni and cheese with some fruit and a small salad.  I got my carbs, but not in a binge.  I think I had a hard time eating that night what with my jaw on the floor and all.

Seriously, though, this program has been fantastic through 10 days.  I have family in town this week and even with meals out and navigating restaurants, I'm sticking with it.  I'm not discouraged.  Quite frankly, I'm as motivated as I've been in years and I'm excited about having the willpower to make healthy choices, seeing good results, feeling better, and finally getting on track to a healthier me.

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