Oops (or, what we can learn from the weekend)

Well, what a weekend it was.  Thursday night we went out to eat with family that was in town visiting.  I did so-so and chose a decent dinner, but chips and queso about did me in.  I hadn't had either in ages and it was quite tasty.

Friday, I was fine.  Running errands, cleaning up the house, keeping busy.

Then the weekend hit.  Yikes.  I ate all the food this weekend.

So, what have I learned?  While I'm making better choices in response to frustration at work, I still go off the deep end at home when I'm frustrated sometimes.  I think that food prep can make a difference there, but it's going to take a little work.

Also, I forget to drink water when I'm home.  I'm good about drinking water with meals, but I forget to drink anything in between and I know that likely is contributing to feeling hungry.  I have two great reusable cups and I just need to keep them filled and out where I see them.

I plan my work days.  I don't generally plan the weekend, unless we have a bunch of stuff going on.  This weekend, there wasn't much going on and I was a bit tired and lazy.  Apparently that means I eat lots of carbs which I don't really need.  I just really, really like them and tend to go for those first.  So, I need to do a little bit more planning for the weekends.

The damage wasn't as bad as it could have been and I'm right back on track today and feeling good about it.  Look at me, I'm not getting frustrated and quitting.  Yay!  We call that personal growth, people, and it's a happy thing.

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