Baby Bib Games

We were visiting some good friends last weekend.  Their sweet girl just turned 1 and she's on the go, exploring the house, climbing over the dog, and helping out in the kitchen.  Phee has fun playing at her.  Yes, at.  The age difference is a little bit too much for Phee, though she is always so excited to go visit.

We're well past the baby/toddler stage, but I always enjoy seeing what other moms have and how they're doing things.  There's always some tip or trick that I haven't seen before!

For instance, this clever bib storage.  My friend has a very cute sideboard in her kitchen.  It has a few drawers and a cupboard.  And who couldn't use more storage?!  One end has a paper towel holder which has been repurposed as bib storage.

And a game for the toddler!  She loves to pull the bibs off and play with them.  More work for mom, sure, but it's also cheap entertainment in the kitchen.  You can't beat that, especially when you're trying to get dinner on the table!

Now, if you have a kitchen like mine, you don't have any extra floor space for furniture or an island.  But, if you have a cupboard that's safe for your child to play in, then you have the perfect spot for bib storage.  All you have to do is attach a paper towel holder to the inside of the cupboard door and you're all set.  You have a place to store bibs, a game for your kiddo, and when they get a little bit older, getting their own bib before a meal can be their first little chore.

What things do your kids play with in the kitchen?  Do they have one cupboard that's not off limits, or do they get the run of the place?

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