New this month: Homemade shower cleaner

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Well, I promise I've actually been sticking with the "new this month" projects, even if I can't remember to write them up! This month, I tried a cleaning idea instead of a kitchen idea, and I'm so glad I did.

homemade shower cleaner- diy

I've seen this shower cleaner on Pinterest a number of times. I always thought it was a great idea, but just hadn't ever given it a try. Well, let me tell you, it definitely works. And it's ridiculously simple.

All you need is a soap dispensing dish scrubber, Dawn, and vinegar. Really, that's it. There are different kinds of scrubbers out there, and I chose to go with one that had a softer, sponge like top instead of the bristly brush kind.

Fill the dispenser with nearly even amounts of Dawn and vinegar and shake to combine. I filled the dispenser a little more than halfway with vinegar. You may need to add a little more vinegar after a few uses.

Be careful when you fill it up. Add the Dawn first, as it's much less likely to leak out the sponge part of the scrubber. I found that out the hard way. So, dish soap then vinegar.

I've been using this in the shower for about six weeks now. I only scrub after every two or three showers and it is definitely keeping the shower tile and floor sparkly clean. It's easy to do and only takes a couple extra minutes. Plus, you're already in the shower, so it's not extra time you have to set aside for cleaning. That's a win in my book.

Have you tried any cleaning recipes or tricks you've found on Pinterest? I'd love to find some more good ones!

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