Toilet paper roll butterfly

We've made many a toilet paper roll butterfly. It's an easy, fun project for kids, and it takes minimal prep which makes it great for a last minute, rainy day project. Or even just for an afternoon when you really need to get something done, but you have a little helper.

toilet paper roll butterfly- kid craft

The little feature I wanted to share with you today is the addition of the antennae on this butterfly. Usually when we make these, I don't even bother with that part. But, Phee made this butterfly at school a couple weeks ago and it's adorable. First, it has googly eyes, and colored googly eyes at that. I love it!

But, the antennae just completes this little guy. If you use a hole punch on the back of the toilet paper roll, you can thread a pipe cleaner through for the antennae. Now your little butterfly is complete and ready to fly around the house!

diy toilet paper roll butterfly with antennae

Have you tried making any cute toilet paper roll animals? I've seen lots of fun ideas on Pinterest, of course,especially owls. We may play around and try to make some more for Easter this year. I'd love to hear which animals have worked best for you.

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