Thankful Thursday- Chocolate and Family

Oh, Thankful Thursday... I'm not feeling you today.

I'm burnt out and need a break to just step back, breathe, and do nothing. But it's hard to find "do-nothing" time lately. Our time has been completely scheduled over the last few weeks. It's been full of fun things and friends, but it's been a lot to juggle.

I know things will settle down again. They always do. I'm just impatient to get to that quieter, more relaxing time.
~  ~  ~

I'm thankful for the chance to watch amazing little Phee grow. She has surprised us with some of her insights and observations in the last couple weeks.

I'm thankful for a flexible job that allows me the time to go to her class parties. Today she has an Easter egg hunt and I'm looking forward to watching her run around the playground with her friends.

I'm thankful for good holiday chocolate. You really can't beat a Cadbury creme egg. I don't get many of them at Easter, but I always thoroughly enjoy those delicious eggs. Funny note: As a kid, I loved the creme, but not the chocolate so I'd bite off the top and lick the creme out. If I had to, I'd nibble a little more chocolate, but I never ate the whole egg.

I'm thankful for the stories and pictures my family has shared with me. I've got a big project about my Grandma in the works (more coming on that next week) and it has been so much fun to hear their memories and see old photos of Grandma that I'd never seen before.

~  ~  ~

I'd love for you to join us in Thankful Thursday. Feel free to link up your own thankful post, or even just leave a note in the comments. And be sure to visit Shelley and Traci, too, for more Thankful Thursday!

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