I love the 80s!

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Today's post for the Play in May challenge is about a fashion trend you wish were still in style. For me, that would be the 80s. I love the 80s. A lot. I wasn't old enough during the 80s to take full advantage of the awesomeness that decade. Actually, I wasn't really old enough to realize the awesomeness of that decade until well after the fact. But whatever.

For my 30th birthday I had an 80s party. It was so much fun! I planned it all myself and got all sorts of really cool stuff for the night. We had toys, candy, music, and movies. Really, if you're going to DIY an 80s party, this is the way to go: dollar store, eBay, Amazon, then use your own movies, and some Pandora 80s stations. Throw in some bright colors for decorations and you're set.

I'm all about those bright colors, by the way. I've just purchased a couple nearly neon t-shirts that I adore. I've also discovered, via Phee's preschool class, that jellies are apparently back this year. Which is great news for me because I still have the pink ones I bought for this party!

So, if you want to bring back the 80s like I did, here are a few tips and ideas for a totally awesome party! (Excuse the lackluster quality of the photos. This party was a few years ago and the pics were either taken with an actual old camera, or my old iPhone. Either way, not that sharp.)

We got some great outfits for the party! Everyone dressed up, at least a little bit, which I did not expect. I was quite excited. Even Phee was dressed up as baby Flashdance with her Madonna t-shirt and striped legwarmers. She was the center of attention all night.

Bright colors, crazy hair, lots of accessories, off shoulder shirts ad you're set. I wore a denim skirt with leggings and jellies. We had 80s punk rockers, and some 80s t-shirts to go with Phee's shirt, too.

I got a couple posters- Don Johnson, Alyssa Milano, David Hasselhof- from eBay. Then I printed out some movie posters and album covers. Mixed with a pack of really bright tissue paper, they made for some fun wall collages. We actually referred to one of the movie posters at one point last night to find an actors name.

Movies and Music
I had plenty of movies to choose from, plus Netflix. We played Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club, two of the best, muted. Then we had some music going using the Pandora 80s stations. I mixed between 80s pop and 80s new wave- my absolute favorite.

Favors & extras
We had a bunch of 80s candy, too: pop rocks, ring pops, pixy stix, laffy taffy, fun dip, and more. I also had a couple Rubik's cubes, some slap bracelets, jelly bracelets, and Garbage Pail Kids cards, and those weird shutter shades for everyone to play with. They were all a big hit!

It takes some searching to put it all together, but you can usually find most of the candy at the dollar store. Sometimes, you can find some of the bracelets and toys there, too, or at a party store, but you can always find them on Amazon. We have Amazon Prime, so I tend to go there first if I can't find it locally.

Is there a fashion trend that you wish was still in style? How about the 80s: love it or hate it?

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