3 steps for flip flop ready feet

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I'm all about flip flops. For most of the year. It's one of the perks of living in Texas. The heat, not so much. But the ability to wear flip flops for at least 9 months of the year... yea, it's awesome.

But, with flip flops and barefoot days come cracked heels and rough skin. Not so awesome. I have terribly dry skin anyway so I had to come up with a fairly quick and easy way to keep my feet happy. Luckily, after some trial and error I found the perfect solution.

This is a seriously simple way to deal with dry, cracked heels. It doesn't take much extra time on top of what you're already spending in the shower. As someone who can't ever find time to schedule a pedicure, the time factor was important. On top of that, you don't need a bunch of special things and you can make some of it yourself!

Soft, beach ready feet with three simple steps

3 steps for flip flop ready feet
  1. Use a pumice scrubber every time you shower. I love these scrubbers. This alone goes a long way toward soft feet.
  2. Two or three times a week, use a sugar scrub after the pumice.
  3. Twice a week, slather on a good hydrating lotion and a pair of socks. Personally, I can't wear socks to bed. I wear the socks around the house until bedtime and then take them off. I try to add a little extra lotion to my heels at that point, too.
Flip flop ready feet really are that simple! I love the fact that this doesn't involve anything particularly special and there aren't any chemicals. I can make the sugar scrub myself and I choose lotions with organic ingredients to keep my skin healthy.

What tricks have you found to keep your feet happy for the summer?

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